Terms and Conditions

1. General information about ARTEHABITAT INTERIORES C.B.

ARTEHABITAT INTERIORES C.B. is a Spanish company with registered office in Yecla (Murcia), located at Calle Alférez Maestre, 14; having info@artehabitat.com as email address and available website at http://www.artehabitat.com.

ES C.I.F. assigned by Revenue Authorities: E-73738130.

2. Scope

These standard Terms and Conditions regarding online tradinggovern all the purchases of products that ARTEHABITAT INTERIORES C.B. (from now on Artehábitat) offers to customers on the website www.artehabitat.comusing the technical resources incorporated to this end at the aforementioned website.

These standard Terms and Conditions complete the requirements laid down in the Order of purchase.

3. Acceptance of these Terms and Conditions

By means of the complementation and shipment of the corresponding Order of purchase, the Customer expresses the total adhesion and without reserves to all and each one of the standard Terms and Conditions.

4. Performance/Obligations by the Customer

The Customer claims to be of legal age(in accordance with Spanish legislation), sound mind and accept the standard Terms and Conditions, having the capacity to freely and voluntarily place an Order of purchase.

5. Orders of Purchase

Orders of Purchase are submitted by electronic means to ARTEHABITAT INTERIORES C.B. through the Website, using the technical resources incorporated to this end at the aforementioned website, filling in all the required fields.

Artehábitat reserves the right to accept the Order. Once Artehábitat Online receives the Order of purchase, an Order Confirmation will be sent to the email address indicated by the customer in the Purchase Order.

For the purpose of these standard Terms and Conditions, it is intended that the Customer places an order at the time in which the payment is made by means of any of the ways named in the clause 7.2. In this regard, in the case of paying by bank transfer, the payment will be taken as executed when Artehábitat receives it on our bank account; all the same when the Customer agrees the payment with a financial institution.

When delivering the product a paper invoice will be included, except when the unanimous consent of the Customer so as to receive an electronic invoice.

6. Geographical Scope

The products purchase is set for the geographical scope comprising the PeninsularSpain(from now on, Geographical Scope).For the remaining areas, please contact our Artehábitat team.

7. Payment

7.1 Price

The website prices are valid except for any typographical error beyond our control.

7.2-Payment method

Prices of goods shall be paid solely in respect of the following ways:

(i) Credit card.-Payment by credit card is a service offered directly by the card issuer and, when applicable, the concerned credit institution. In this respect, Artehábitat shall not be liable for any kind of damages and prejudices arising from confidenciality and security of the information provided by the Customer when making the payment by credit card.

(ii) Bank transfer or account income.-Payment through bank transfer shall be made to Artehábitat by means of the following bank account 0081 0462 21 0001096416. Remember the Customer must clearly indicate the order number provided within the Order Confirmation.

(iii) Funding.-Artehábitat offers finance in your purchases by means of the contracted service with Banco Sabadell. We offer interest-free financing for periods of 3 to 24 months. For more detail, please contact Artehábitat.

7.3- Taxes

The price that the store offers includes the Value Added Tax (V.A.T).

7.4- Installation and delivery charges

Unless expressly stated, the price of the products include installation and delivery within the geographical scope previously established by Artehábitat, as long as the total is equal to or greater than 2500€. In any case, Artehábitat shall inform the costumer of the final price to be paid.

7.5-Reservation of title.

Artehábitat specifically reserves to the dominion of the Product until the complete payment of their price applicable expenses and taxes, as well as the total payment of the price and any additional fees that may apply on the Order of purchase.

8. Product delivery


8.1-Delivery time

Once the payment is verified, the delivery time will be 5 to 6 working days, under normal circumstances.(Except to tailoredproducts)

The delivery time in make-to-order and tailored products may vary between 2 and 8 weeks.

In any case, the customer will be informed about the delivery time.

Permanent stock of the offered products cannot be guaranteed. Please verify stock by calling 665 36 43 72 or by email: info@artehabitat.com

When different delivery times appear on the same Order of purchase, the delivery of all the purchased products will be made within the longer deadline indicated. If the customer wishes to have the Order delivered by an extended deadline, written notice should be sent to Artehábitat. An extended deadline might include an additional cost due to storage.

Artehábitat will not be liable if the delivery is not on time, due to unforeseen circumstances.


Delivery will be made by means of making the Product available by Artehábitat or by any third party on behalf of Artehábitat in the direction indicated by the Customer on the Order of purchase.The Customer will assume all the risks of deterioration, reduction, damages and loss of Products from the moment at which the Products had been made their available in accordance with this clause.
In the event of the Products arriving damaged due to the shipping, the Customer will have to indicate the possible damage in the delivery not of the carrier. In this case, Artehábitat shall immediately repair or replace the Products. The absence of any comments,when delivery occurs, is equivalent to full conformity with the Products received. Regarding items as mattresses and pillows, the Customer might not unpack them before checking that the received one corresponds to the Order of purchase, as these ones might not have Exchange or return. The Customer might not throw the packaging of the products up to verifying that they are in mint condition and to check that all the products are the ones that you ordered.

8.3-Access of the products

The Customer will be responsible and will make sure that the Products fi through ordinary entrances (stairs, doors, hallways, etc.) of the building in which they will be delivered to.

If using mechanical equipment (pulleys, crane or elevators) is necessary for delivery, the Customer might communicate in advance. Its costs and risks will be covered by the Customer. Once notification is received, Artehábitat will communicate the cost prior to delivery, as well as the new delivery time caused by the use of this equipment.

9. Liability for deliveries

Artehábitat shall be released from the fulfilment of its delivery obligations mentioned in the clause of this terms and conditions, and declines all liability with respect to the following circumstances:

(i) Total or partial default by the Customer in the payment of the Order of purchase.
(ii) Omission or inaccuracy of the information to be provided by the Customer in the Order of purchase when ordering.
(iii) Impossibility to deliver the order where indicated due to lack of Access or any other reason attributable to the Customer. If this occurs, the Products shall be stored in the facilities of Artehábitat, having a variable cost according to the storage period and the volume of the Products. Also, costs entailed by the shipping will be charged to the Customer.

10. Conditions of theproducts

Customer accepts he fact that colours and shades may in volve variations from the ones receive dontheorder, particularly if solid furniture or veneered with natural raw materials, such as wood, leather, stones. Similarly, the screen or any other device may show variations on shade and color of the Product. The Customer states knowing the measures, forms and disposition of the Products on the Order, according to the specifications provided on the Shop.

11. Products guarantees

11.1-General guarantee

Generally, unless otherwise provided, all Products are warranted against any fault in their manufacturing defects for a two-years period, according to the Law. So as to require the guarantee the receipt of purchase shall be necessary, that will be available on our website, on the user account. The guarantee will not cover the transportation, nor the damage caused by shocks. Tailored made products are excluded.

11.2-Comments on the rest products guarantee

All mattresses, the guarantee on water stains only covers six months since the delivery of the Product. All latex mattresses will not be valid for upholstered bases, framed bedsteads, carbon fibre or other surfaces that do not allow transpiration.Nor shall it be possible to incorporate covers that prevent ventilation.

Also, nor the latex mattresses and the memory foam mattresses cannot be placed over varnished surfaces, due to these materials favours water stains on the mattress.
Memory foam mattresses must be placed on slatted or tailored made frames. If placed on any other surfaces, such asbedstead or tatamis, special attention must be payed to the ventilation, as these surfaces not allow a correct ventilation of the mattress and water stains may appear.

In addition, none of our mattresses may be placed on springs base, being the guarantee removed if it occurs.

The articulation of any bed base, must always be done on a total flat surface and with the person laying on the mattress. Never sit on already articulated parts. Articulated bed bases will not be valid for springs mattresses.

All the bed bases, according to its size, allow a maximum weight. On the single sizes, from 67 cm to 105 cm of width, the maximum weight is of 120 kg. For bed bases of one body and 135 or 150 cm width, the total weight of the people on it must be of 180 kg. Finally, on twin bed bases, formed by two bodies from 67 cm to 105 cm, 120kg must not be exceeded on each of the bodies of the bed base.

11.3-Comments on the guarantee of household furniture and upholstered furniture.

The guarantee of the household furniture and upholstered furniture (sofas and armchairs)for a period of two years, will be invalidated when transportation damage, accidents, abusive uses and other damages of the Product by the Customer. This warranty only covers faults relating to transport before the Product being placed to the Customer. Upholstered products are considered as tailored made.

12. Right of withdrawal.

The Customer shall have a period of 14 days for any refund to be made, being all costs charged to the Customer. Returns of tailormade products will not be accepted, as well as if the products are not in their original packaging.

The shipping service without assembly is door to door. That is to say, from the door of the store to the door of the building provided as destination.Es decir, desde la puerta del almacén hasta la puerta del cliente, entendiéndose como tal la puerta de la casa, finca o del edificio de destino. Unless otherwise agreed by the Customer and Artehabitat.

The shipping service with assembly consists on the product’s transportation all the way home and the assembly, once there.

When receiving the product and in the event of disagreement (different to the one requested or in bad condition) the Customer must serve written notice on the carrier and reject the goods. Proceeding to substitute the Product, without any cost for the Customer.

When causes beyond our transport, mistakes with the address, absent… the shipping costs shall be charged again.

The return of outlet products will not be accepted.

12.1-Procedure and term

The Customer may freely withdraw from the purchase agreement within a period of 14 days from the date of delivery, according to previous clause. The date on the delivery receipt will serve for the purposes of calculating these fourteen-day period.
The exercise of the right of withdrawal shall not be subject to any kind of formality and may be acredited in any manner permitted in law.Nevertheless, in order to streamline and facilitate the process, the Customer may will send his withdrawal by registered mail, along with the copy of the Confirmation, to C/Alférez Maestre, 14 30510 Yecla, before the end of the seven-day period previously established. In this sense, the document of the Withdrawal has to be submitted to the address appeared on it along with the Product in new condition and in its original packaging; and along with the original one of the invoice that at its moment Artehábitat had sent to the Customer. Any risk of loss, deteriorarion, reduction or damage of the Product in the event of withdrawal shall be the Customer’s responsibility until the Product has been delivered to Artehábitat. The exercise of the right of withdrawal will not imply the imposition of any kind of penalty. Tailored made products will not admit with draw all.

12.2-Reimbursement in case of withdrawal

Artehábitat will reimburse to the Customer the amount initially satisfied by this one (once deduced the direct expenses of return, that will be on behalf of the Customer rejecting itself the returns to bearings due) for applicable price, expenses and taxes by the Product in a maximum term of thirteen (30) days after the reception of the Product by Artehábitat, as long as the Product was received by Artehábitat in the conditions established in previous clause. In case the returned Products had some flaw, the Customer will have to compensate to Artehábitat by the amount corresponding to such flaws, being deduced this amount of which there was to return to the Customer as the result of the withdrawal.The reimbursement will take place by means of the way of the original payment. In cases where payment was made by income, the reimbursement will be made by bank transfer to the bank account indicated by the Customer on the document of withdrawal. In case of funding, the provided special conditions will be taken into account.

12.3-Exceptions to the right of withdrawal

By way of exception, the right of withdrawal shall not apply in the following cases:

(i) When Products destined to personal hygiene, as mattresses or pillows, which have been unwrapped.

(ii) In general, when Products manufactured according to customer specifications or clearly tailored to personal requirements that, in regard to their nature, cannot be given back o can be deteriorated or expire quickly.Particularly, specifically but not exclusively, Products to which there is no right of withdrawal are: bedding Products with special measurement, that is to say, 110, 120, 140, 160 ó 180 cm wide, 210 cm length, or when dealing with a product of 200x200 cm; “twins’” mattresses change or devolution won’t also be accepted; also, sofas, armchairs and other complementary furniture manufactured according to customer specifications.

12.4 Withdrawal form

So as to exercise the right of withdrawal, the customer is required to send an email to info@artehabitat.com with the following withdrawal form.

ToArte Hábitat interiores, C.B., C/ Alférez Maestre, 14 de Yecla.-Murcia.

I hereby notify you that I withdraw from my contract of sale of the following goods.


Order number:



Date and signature:

13. Personal Data processing.

The Customer hereby authorizes Artehábitat to process the personal data supplied electronically by the Customer in the Order of purchase. Artehábitat will automatically process the Personal Data in relation to the specific, explicit and legitimate purposes for which they were obtained. By means of the fulfilment and submission of the corresponding Order of purchase, the Customer accepts that its Personal Data may be used by Artehábitat in the terms indicated within the Data Protection Policy.

Acceptance of these general terms and conditions involves the acceptance and agreement with the Data Protection Law.

14. Communications.

Any communication between the Customer and Artehábitat in relation to a specific Order may be made by ordinary or electronic mail, provided by the customer on the Order of purchase.

15. Applicable legislation.

These General Conditions are governed under Spanish legislation.